Testimonials 2018-04-12T08:23:42-05:00

Very well organized conference! The attention to detail was refreshing. I especially appreciated the chairs identifying cold air. I liked having access to lecture slides in advance. The breakfast was very good also!

JoAnn Adams, CRNA

Excellent speakers! Best conference I have ever attended! First one I've willingly sat through. Very knowledgeable and well presented by all speakers.

Lori Bradley, CRNA

The speakers were fantastic. So knowledgeable and very charismatic. They easily held my attention!

Shala Bain, CRNA

Great speakers! All very well spoken, great information and delivered nicely. Great quality of new information!

Bridgette Bumann, CRNA

Very sharp and fabulous speakers. I've been out of school for 28 years so some of what was deemed as basic school stuff was a long over due review. I have to admit some was "over my head".

Carol McAnulty, CRNA

All speakers were excellent. They were both charismatic and knowledgeable, as well as efficient. They did a great job of reviewing as well as updating the latest information on each topic.

Elizabeth Hollar, CRNA

Overall, all 3 speakers were great. They are passionate and knowledgeable and able to keep the audiences attention. They were dynamic and upbeat. I liked how Med City Anesthesia Seminars included audience participation and interaction. It is nice to see how others view things and how their practice differs from mine.

Val Sifuentes, CRNA

Probably the best prepared and most engaging speakers of any conference I have been to. Impressive!

Jillian Pechacek, CRNA

Well organized conference! I appreciated the added parts at the hotel (reduced resort fee/daily credit). I will definitely recommend Med City Anesthesia Seminars and hope to join you at a future destination.

Alicia Evans, CRNA
CRNA - Via Christi Hospital

This is the 2nd conference I have been to with Med City Anesthesia Seminars. They, along with their speakers do a great job of keeping the audience involved.

Seth Schulz, CRNA
CRNA - Mayo Clinic Health Systems Austin

Thank you, it was a great meeting! I will be spreading the word about Med City Anesthesia Seminars.

Shannon Foisy, CRNA
CRNA - Trinity Health Hospital

Speakers were very knowledgeable. I have been doing anesthesia for 40 years. The speakers I heard at this meeting make me feel secure in the fact that nurse anesthesia will continue to grow.

Edward Plemons, CRNA
CRNA - Anesthesia Services of Birmingham

I am taking back a lot of information that I will incorporate into my practice. This is the first conference that I have been to that has me excited about implementing changes to my practice.

Jenna Palzkill, CRNA
CRNA - Dean Care

As always, great speakers! Because you utilize CRNA speakers, I will always attend your conferences.

Donna Jordanhazy, CRNA
CRNA - University of Pittsburgh Physicians

This has been the most engaging, personal, interesting and appropriate meeting I have attended in my 10+ years of practice.

Hayes Greenway, CRNA
CRNA - Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

I loved the conference. The speakers were very knowledgeable and experienced. The topics were relevant and fun. This was the best anesthesia conference I have ever attended, in my humble opinion. Thanks. The location was great too!

Virginia Rudd, CRNA

Excellent information and entertaining lectures. A must go to! Will see you next year.

Lisa Jericho, CRNA
CRNA - Temple Hospital

Outstanding speakers, topics and accommodations. Aaron took the time to meet each attendee and greet us personally each morning. Never an empty seat all 4 days...that speaks volumes.

Ruth Bisko, CRNA
CRNA - University of Pittsburgh Physicians

Absolutely the most informative and interactive meeting I have ever attended!

Lise Stone, CRNA
CRNA - Maine Medical Center

Loved every minute! Hotel, conference topics. Great job!

Donna Jordanhazy, CRNA
CRNA - University of Pittsburgh Physicians

I have attended conferences with three other continuing education companies. Med City Anesthesia Seminars has provided the overall best organization, speakers, and content that I have experienced. Thank you!

Nate Davis, CRNA
CRNA - Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital

Best conference I have ever attended! Lots of great take home information. Well organized and very professional, yet laid back atmosphere. I will definitely be back!

Michelle Hirsch, CRNA
CRNA - University of Michigan Hospital

My kind of conference - great location and great amenities. Med City definitely takes care of you to get the best amenities available. Lecturers were wonderful-not boring, very knowledgeable with lots of personality. Topics were well organized/well-presented. Loved all the technology touches-text poll and having lectures via Dropbox. Will definitely be a go-to seminar company in the future!

Caroline Cruz, CRNA

Great location, interesting lectures. Will definitely be back to another Med City conference.

Clare Keaveney, CRNA

Excellent lectures. Pharmacogenomics lecture was an eye-opener and may explain why we encounter patients that are difficult to treat. All presenters had a wealth of knowledge in the field of nurse anesthesia and anesthesia in general.

David Blair, CRNA
CRNA - Ohio Health-Grady Memorial Hospital

Great conference! Hotel accommodations and amenities were great! Loved the all CRNA concept/vibe. Speakers were all very knowledgeable and fun to listen to.

Tara Kinney, CRNA
CRNA - Surgical Anesthesia Services

This is the best conference I have attended. The topics were relevant and interesting, the speakers were awesome, and the location was superb. Thanks for another fabulous experience!

Jessica Halverson, CRNA
CRNA - Mayo Clinic

Thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. Given by CRNAs was an advantage that made the meeting applicable to any practice. Speakers were excellent with many cases to drive their points home. Highly recommend this meeting!

Sharon Freedy, CRNA

Great conference, and great speakers. Best one I have been to!

Dave Nuelle, CRNA
CRNA - Altra Hospital

I had no idea what to expect, but when I found your conference online the location at St. Pete Beach drew me in. I was pleasantly surprised how good the lectures were! Well done! Also, the best breakfast of any conference I have been to.

James David Erickson, CRNA
CRNA - Lawrence Anesthesia

Great job! Wonderful venue with competent speakers. You were always available and made booking/registration easy. Thank you!

Shawn Warf, CRNA
CRNA - Scott & White

Very organized and great accommodations. I would highly recommend as “bang for your buck” along with very good faculty/speakers and interesting topics that met all my CE needs. I would definitely come back!

Salima Mulji, CRNA
CRNA - Anesthesia Service Division, UAB

I enjoyed this venue as much as any I have attended over the last 30 years! Boston has so much to offer as a destination. The Fairmont was wonderful. The meeting rooms were comfortable and well appointed. All the topics were well presented by knowledgeable, dynamic speakers.

Lori Whitworth, CRNA
CRNA - Northstar Anesthesia

Great conference and venue! I personally prefer the CRNA only attendance which existed. I know I'll be joining you again. 🙂

Jon Clark, CRNA
CRNA - South Haven Health System

The Med City conference in Seattle had great facilities and breakfast was phenomenal! Lecturers were organized and professional.

Dan Langan, CRNA
CRNA - Divine Savior Healthcare

The Seattle seminar was fantastic! Lovely setting, excellent speakers and the opportunity to network with CRNAs from across the country. The attention to detail from Aaron and Karissa made this a perfect seminar getaway. Will definitely attend another Med City seminar in the near future!

Kathleen Collins, CRNA
CRNA - St. Mary Mercy Hospital

It is a great feeling to attend a meeting developed, organized and run by a fellow CRNA. Great locations, interesting topics and wonderful accommodations by Med City. I would attend another Med City seminar in a heartbeat! Great job!

Kevin VanKoeverden, CRNA
CRNA - Mayo Clinic Rochester

Great time! Topics were well thought out and relevant to us. Med City went out of their way to help me with parking. Thank you!

Tracy Baxter, CRNA
CRNA - University of Washington Medical Center

I’ve been to over 18 CEU conferences, and Med City Anesthesia Seminars is one of the best I have ever attended. Professional and well organized conference with well thought out diverse and current topics. Hard Rock Hotel San Diego is the best conference facility I have ever been to. I didn’t know San Diego had so much to offer. The conference was thoughtfully planned from the pre-conference mixer the night before to the last lecture. Thank you! We really enjoyed the seminar and San Diego!

Nikki Day, CRNA
CRNA - Maine Medical Center

The first seminar I have ever attended where I really felt like I got my money’s worth. Great lectures, excellent intimate group of attendees, and great networking as well. Thank you!

Doris Tarrillion, CRNA
CRNA - US Navy

I’ve attended numerous meetings over the past 15 years in practice as a CRNA – Med City puts on professional, well organized conference with talented speakers.

Jeffrey Grand, CRNA
CRNA - Chesapeake Anesthesia Associates